Payroll Services

Small business owners take approximately eight hours a month completing payroll functions. That adds up to 12 full days each year that could be used to improve products or services, generate sales, service customers or grow new business opportunities! When you partner with Virtual Bookkeeping by Kandis, you can spend that time doing what you do best instead!

Why outsource your payroll to Virtual Bookkeeping by Kandis?

It’s cost effective.

Without having to hire a specialized employee to handle payroll, you reduce your overhead. Learn more about saving money on your payroll here.

It saves time.

When you choose Virtual Bookkeeping by Kandis, you no longer have to spend time creating and maintaining your own system for payroll. You’ll never have to worry about keeping track of data entry, updates or new laws again!

It’s worry-free.

Let the professionals calculate and file your local, state and federal payroll taxes for you. The laws often change and are becoming more and more complex, but our team is experienced in navigating tax laws and will ensure your finances are always properly prepared and filed.

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Payday services

Running payroll has never been easier! Each payday, we will remind you to sign into your account, and you simply enter hours for each employee, make note of vacation or overtime and we do the rest — ensuring instant, accurate paychecks. Our virtual payroll service supports many different pay types, including hourly rates, overtime, vacation, holiday and sick pay, bonuses, reimbursements, commissions, allowances and cash tips.

We also offer flexible methods for paying your employees, including direct deposit, handwritten paychecks and computer printed paychecks

Tax payments

You’ll never miss a tax deadline again when you partner with Virtual Bookkeeping by Kandis! We will tell you precisely how much you owe, and you can easily pay directly from your payroll account. Forget about the hassle of mailing payments and making trips to the bank!

Tax filings

We save you hours of time and potential headaches by filling out your federal tax forms. Simply review the details and click “submit” to file electronically. We also prepare state taxes and help you file electronically where possible.


We automatically prepare year-end W-2s for all your employees, and we make it easy to submit them electronically to the Social Security Administration.

Comprehensive reports

We provide regular reports that allow you to see all the data related to your business, including tax liabilities, wage and tax summaries, tax payments, vacation and sick leave data and more.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, hassle-free solution to payroll, use the form to the right to contact Virtual Bookkeeping by Kandis!